Tour de la Provence 2022 (February 10-13)

The main event of the week. They've moved away from Châlet Reynard to the easier Montagne de Lure and reinstated the prologue, so the GC battle should be less onedimensional than last year.



Stage 1

Another French race, another opportunity for echelons on the flattest day.

Col de la Vayède:

Final kilometres - not sure about this design, if the wind doesn't blow there is nothing to stretch out the peloton ahead of the twisty final kilometre...

Stage 2

A different run-in to last year's stage won by Ballerini, but the final 1.7 kilometres are identical to that stage.

Côte de Lauris

Col de la Mort d'Imbert

Col de l'Aire Dei Masco

Final kilometres - I seem to remember crashes in the run-in to the line last year...

Stage 4

As seen before in Paris-Nice 2009 and 2013. If the profiles are to be believed they are finishing 30 metres lower than in those races, either way, it's at the ski station a few kilometres short of the actual summit.

Col de Montfuron

Les Mourres (3x)

Col de Buire (2x)

Montagne de Lure (as far as the Station de Lure, 4.2 kilometres shy of the summit)
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It seems to be a pretty open race in terms of GC favorites and i'm eager to see how especially Van Wilder is going to perform, but also Skjelmose. I expect both in the top 10 of GC. Also wondering about Hayter, Vervloesem, Jorgenson, Florez, Storer and Sheffield.
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In two interviews before and after Besseges Ganna said that he was a reserve for this race and asked the team to be slotted in since they have to replace Bernal that was originally on the startlist but, at least on Sunday when he last spoke, they still had to decide. I hope they take him because i want to see him in action in the echelons since last year's Giro when he shattered the peloton on the Castelluccio plain pulling alone.
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A couple of those names will definitely be(come) domestiques.
Yes it was a joke. To be fair I can see van Wilder getting some space to ride his own race, and the same might apply to Skjelmose (who could also be a domestique for Ciccone). Hayter i am not sure he will start as he is also on the list for Algarve and the Prov. startlist from Provence seems to include too many Ineos riders. Storer will be interesting as well. Seems like he will get a complete Gaudu free schedule at the start of the season which shows they clearly expect at lot from him.

Personally I am looking forward to see what Ciccone can do. Hopefully he can make his definitive breakthrough this year after all the bad luck he had last year while being in a very good position to deliver some excellent results.
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50km/u wind on friday , pretty insane :cool:
Sadly most of it will be head or tailwind, but there's no way the bunch doesn't break into a million pieces next to the ocean between Arles and Albaron.
Thats still more than 60kms from the finish line tho so the question is will it come back together in the tailwind part towards the final circuit.
The final circuit itself is made for echelons but it's mostly tail and/or headwind. Each lap has like 5km where the bunch could break.