Tour de Suisse 2021 (June 6-13)

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But isn't paver more general, so that it includes people that do asphalt work?

In Denmark laying cobblestones is a very specific job (and education), that pertains ONLY to laying stones.
Same in South Tyrol.
I guess back in the day when the road was built you could actually call them pavers, because that's what a paved road looked like back then.
Great to see Fuglsang has found his form again, has has really looked good this race.

I wouldn't put 2 stage wins in the Tour past him - maybe even polkadots as well :cool:
There is a lot of climbing competition for breaks at the Tour. Yates, Mollema, Nibali, Bilbao, Haig, O'Connor, Lutsenko, Izagirre, D.Martin etc are all stage hunting from the start so 2 wins is very unlikely.