Tour de Wallonie 2020

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Gilbert and Stybar made it hard for some of the sprinters with their attack and Bennett gave the "I'm done" sign.

Isn't that part of the point of having a leadout man in the finale? If he's there that deep in the sprint, McLay has got to help Bouhanni get space. They definitely didn't appear to be on the same page.
On your second comment. Of course you‘re right.
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Sprinter form is so weird thanks to Covid. Ewan and Bennett taking it in turns to blow up on hills you’d expect them to have no problem with... and also taking it in turns to look great. Demare of all people looking like a legitimate peer of their’s...
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Damn, that donkey. Sometimes you can't avoid it, but do the helicopters have to get so close deliberately. :mad:

Apart from that it looks like history could be made today: first 2020 win for CCC?
Agree about the donkey. Why are they going that close to donkeys? It's a bike race, not a donkey race.

As for CCC winning... well... I think I jinxed it yesterday. Careful you don't jinx it today.
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