Tour Ending

Jul 26, 2009
We are in Paris and cannot find out what time the tour will be ending. Can anyone help, we want to watch it.
EDIT: Wow we have very different timings. Could it be that the official site is so off the mark?
The times Dr. Maserati gives seems a tad more logical too (because there's the podium and all to be done after that).
Do they come from L'Equipe? If so, I would trust they are fresher and more up to date.

The official TdF website has tentative timings for the stage depending on the speed.

The riders shall enter Paris a little tad before 16h00 (4pm), coming from Charenton. They will then ride alongside the Seine river. They should enter the Champs Elysées circuit at 16h10 or 16h30. Stage should finish an hour after that.

My (incorrect?) source:


We are on the champs now. Been here since eight am. If you are not here yet dont expect to see a thing. Its already three deep in all the good spots. Its also damn hot.
Sorry about caps :) on the mobile.:)