Tour of Slovenia 2021, June 9 - June 13

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But this stage today is horrific, did a descent from Celjska koča in 2018 at easy speed, it is horrible descent. The road is very steep in %, twisty and tight, it also has some big raids, better to not crash there..Also the road surface is in bad condition, so I am not really happy about this route. It is all the time through the woods, so also the visibility is not really great. And we all know somebody will attack and they will go full speed down there. Once you come under the railway, you are safe and alive..
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Well, it will be hard to put time into Pogacar here: after all we are talking about an explosive climber who placed 1st and 3rd in last two LBL! It wouldn't be shocking if he wins here but most importantly he should arrive at the finish with the leaders' group and drop them on Sveta Gora.
Yes, if they wait for the last 2km, they won't drop him. I was thinking about an early attack, getting creative on the penultimate climb/descent or even before. But it'll be almost impossible, because UAE has the strongest team.
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The only way to even dream about beating Pog here (and in this race) is to hammer down the descent and maybe hope that the guy crashes out. If the last climb was longer then you could definitely drop Majka on the descent (which most likely would happen no matter what) and try to expose it on the last climb with Pog being a lieutenant less, but then i don't think Pog needs anyone but himself to win the race.
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