Tour of Slovenia 2021, June 9 - June 13

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Pogacar playing the role of Overlord with his team minions. He needs to be careful this sort of benevolence doesn't backfire though, i.e. that sort of tactic (babysitting his guys to get them a win) cost him a shot at victory in Basque Country. Different situation of course, but same intent.
Pogacar confirmed peaked at 21.
Not to over-react or anything, but . . . Pogacar is FINISHED! TDF hopes in shambles! Dropped by Ulissi!
As expected, he peaked for stage 2 and is already in decline but he did enough to achieve his main goal of the season. Congrats!
When the Tour hits the mountains he'll be a grupetto guy but will be helpful carrying bidons for their leader - Rafał Majka.
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Sep 30, 2019
People. It's the Royal Stage. Not King, not Queen, but Royal.
Hi, it is the most correct translation from Slovenian name for the stage.
In 2018 Roglič was the winner. And Slovenian reporter asked him in English: You just won the Quinn stage - so, you are a Quinn now?
Answer: Well, I'd still prefer to be the king,...
Royal would worked better :)
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