TPF want to get back on the bike!


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Sep 3, 2019
Hey community!

Apologies for being so quiet, I broke my Tibial Platau about 4 days after joining the forums! I've gone from a full leg cast, down to a ROM brace and my check up is next week!. I've been told the best way to get muscle back in my leg (there was atrophy) and get the joint working is to cycle at the gym, but I just can't get there as it's up a hill, and I'm TERRIFIED of falling over again.

Aside from a home cross trainer, which looks pricey and dangerous (I'm not cleared for weight baring yet) is there a good, safe at home exercise bike I could get? I wouldn't need anything really hardcore, just want to stay fit, get the joint moving without needing to put weight on it, and buy something that doesn't look horribly out of place in my house. ;)

Hope you're all doing well! Don't forget we're giving away Cycling News bottles in my thread here!




Go onto or or other similar online store that sells cycling equipment and purchase a cheap trainer (less than $100) and plop your bicycle onto it, although I'm being rather presumptuous thinking that you have a bike but I would like to think that everyone that works for a cycling lifestyle website has access to a bike or has one of their own, if not then maybe you can find a cheap one on a second hand sales app, along with a cheap magnetic or fluid resistance bike trainer which I've found numerous times in the past for less than $50 for the trainer that I'd use until I would finally break it, but by then I was ready to go back outside anyway so no love lost. With a trainer and a bicycle you can always ditch the trainer and ride anytime you feel compelled, but even with the best of intentions those stationary exercise bikes usually do nothing but collect dust and make great racks to hang clothing on after spending way too much money on something inherently (and mind numbingly) boring by design.
What @Irondan said. I have something similar to this:

You'll pick them up really cheap second hand as everyone wants the smart trainers these days. These trainers are more than good enough. Again, like ID I'm assuming you have a bike as the thread says you want to get back on the bike. Ideally you want a spare wheel with a turbo tyre on which you can swap in and out when using the turbos. They can be pretty hard wearing on tyres so keeping your road/mtb tyres on means they'll wear quite fast. However, if it's just to slowly build some strength and confidence it's not essential.

the other option is rollers, but if you've never ridden them before then the chances of falling off are quite high so we'll leave that for another time.
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