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Aug 25, 2015

No new signings confirmed so far by EF in August but on The Cycling News Podcast Vaughters said he was looking on the transfer market this year for:
  • an experienced rider who could protect guys like Martinez and Higuita on the crosswinds etc.
  • a young, undervalued sprinter with some room for development
Two riders that have been linked with the team in rumours are Cort and Halvorsen and they could fit the first and second role respectively quite well IMO. Although on second thought I'm not so sure about Cort, he might want to be much more than that.

Vaughters also confirmed he was interested in Sutterlin for the first role but now we know he joined Sunweb.

Interestingly, he only secured Uran after TdF in 2015 so it shows not all of the big names secure their contract long in advance before the transfer window opens in the 1st of August.
For Chaves it might depend on how well he rides at the Vuelta, and if he goes well he might want a guaranteed leadership position. Like Elissonde, who is a great climber, he might be too small for the team in the TDF to utilise in two ways, he prefers attacking and secondly he won't contribute in a TTT. Meintjes has proven to be a bit unreliable as of late, so even for Ineos it might be a risk.

Ineos will still have a very scary squad for next year's TDF, i'd guess Sivakov would fill the role of Poels if he leaves, Van Baarle and Rowe will probably be there and then Moscon+ Kwiatowski. I'd assume at least 2 out of Thomas, Froome and Bernal will show, which allows for Castojevo or Poels if they don't leave, or the option of Carapaz as well to round out the squad.