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Tre Valli Varesine 2023, one day race, October 3

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Not Pogi initially. And as he and Roglic were the favourites, they were the ones with the responsibility of holding it together.

Just like it was the case with Valverde and he so often managed to screw it up.

Fortunately, Saturday will likely be a different story.

Nah, pin pointing this on Rogla is in my opinion a rather biased view. Both Slovenians are equally responsible for not winning today. Better yet, other riders involved, riders not that good in sprint, should try earlier today. Like Carapaz did and profited from it.
Well done Ilan! Very nice win.

Stop this merger bollocks. Let the QuickStep team remain, they are still doing a more than decent job throughout the season. As if this Van Wilder isn't an awesome asset to Remco's grand tour selection, and a good team leader on his own day.

(Yes I know, there is much more on the table. Just hate to see a traditional, even legendary team disappear.)