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U23 races and talents

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Gil Gelders wins the second stage with a 6 second advantage to the bunch.

1. Gil Gelders
2. Francesco Busatto
3. Davide De Pretto
4. William Junior Lecerf
5. Robert Donaldson
6. Lars Craps
7. Thibaud Gruel
8. Pepijn Reinderink
9. Vlad Van Mechelen
10. Santiago Umba

The Little Wolfies with 4 guys in the top-10.
Santi Umba already being in the top 10 on a hilly stage sounds promising for the mountains.
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Watch him do something impressive on Stelvia to completely fade in the other mountain stage. Still don't get how he just disappeared after his Alsace performance 2 years ago.
Radial fracture in the Tour de l'Avenir shortly afterwards and at the start of the last season he had some health related problems (can't find what exactly), he didn't race for almost 3 months. A bit over a week ago he was 11th in the Giro dell'Appenino, inside the group that was sprinting for 3rd place, so his form seems to be fine.
Any info on why Hagenes lost time?
Pellizzari was already sick when the race started so I don't know why Bardiani brought him.

The route looks good to me, but if RCS is serious they need to stream this live for at least an hour a day. Watching the highlights on RAI is a big pain in the ass.
Maybe Hagenes already riding as a domestique? I saw an info telling that Jumbo was controling the peloton, so... Only five riders, Staune-Mittet is the GC leader, Graat is the second leader, Van Belle was second in the TT and as a dutch talent I have the feeling that is a bit hyped in the team and maybe wants to do also the GC (he was ninth in L´Avenir).
The only riders remaining to do some work are Hagenes and Huising who also lost time, even if the first one is a monster an the second has more GC potential than Van Belle.
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1. Johannes Staune-Mittet (Jumbo-Visma DT) in 3h26'45"
2. Alexy Faure Prost (Circus-ReUz-Technord) s.t.
3. Darren Rafferty (Hagens Berman Axeon) +11"
4. Alessio Martinelli (Green Project-Bardiani CSF-Faizanè) +31"
5. Santiago Umba (GW Shimano-Sidermec) +33"
6. Nahom Zerai (Q36.5 Continental) +48"
7. Germán Gómez (GW Shimano-Sidermec) +1'10"
8. William Junior Lecerf (Soudal-QuickStep Devo) +1'25"
9. Hannes Wilksch (Tudor U23) +1'28"
10. Tijmen Graat (Jumbo-Visma DT) +1'34"
He was 11th, 10 seconds ahead of 80 kg freight train Segaert.
Incoming Bufalo Segaert hypetrain?
Jokes aside, Segart has a huge engine and was already in the breakaway of that final L' avenir mountain stage that Milesi won, before winning the Piccolo Giro di Lombardia later.
Didn't expect German Gomez to be up there and Pinzon to be so bad, the opposite of what I expected.

Martinelli is legit, a shame that Pellizzari was sick and had to drop out of the race and that De Cassan isn't racing this one.