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UAE-Team Emirates thread

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Colnago have recently introduced new variants to the V3RS including a more aerodynamic stiffer version. Kristof may not have an opportunity to ride this.

All UAE riders besides Pogacar disappointed on TT this year. Normal strong TT riders like McNulty, Almeida and Bjerg all failed. That tell me their bike isn't great. Like when you see Jumbo, even ordinarily riders get top 10's in TT's.
Italian legend Giuseppe Saronni looks back on his seismic rivalry with Francesco Moser and other career highlights
Giuseppe Saronni’s greeting is as warm and restorative as a morning espresso. In his azure cotton shirt and black suit trousers he’d be at home in a plush Italian coffee bar, but the UAE Team Emirates advisor is welcoming Cyclist to the team’s HQ, the pair of posters behind him a dead giveaway: one is of the now-departed Alexander Kristoff celebrating a sprint victory, the other depicts Tadej Pogačar in the yellow jersey.

Luke Lamperti is the present and future of American cycling. That might be the laziest lead I have ever written, but I can think of no other way to get across just how good Lamperti has been, is today, and might be in the future.

He is currently under contract to ride for Trinity Racing, a British continental level team for riders under 23-years-old. But, this week, he was invited to take part in a training camp hosted by Team UAE in Spain. This is like being invited to scrimmage with the Boston Celtics. Lamperti will get to ride with some of the sport’s heavyweights, including two-time Tour de France winner, Tadej Pogacar, and up and coming stars Jay Vine and veteran Adam Yates.

I have an important question.

Why is their UCI code "UAD"?

I have conducted a meticulously thorough research and come to the conclusion that there is not a single D in "UAE Team Emirates". Of course there is a D in United which the U stands for but that's hardly the most relevant letter in the team's name, plus it comes after the A from the code anyway.

What. Is. The. Deal. With. The. D???
They all so weird. From left to right:
Adam Yates, Tim Wellens, Felix Großschartner, Jay Vine.


And UAE also continues to have the worst national jerseys:

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I'm lazy so can anybody make a summary of this article in English?

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I'm lazy so can anybody make a summary of this article in English?

This, but cycling;