UAE Tour 2021, February 21 - February 27

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I love the efforts, guys, but you all know it's pointless so why keep arguing?

Back to racing, I'm glad Higuita rode a solid ITT. Hopefully this means he's back to 100% after his crashes in the second part of 2020, which effectively ruined his season.
Buchmann also looks ok.
I'm a bit disappointed with Arensman's performance, but perhaps he's planning to peak later in the year.
It has since been deleted by Arensman but he wrote a bit about the ITT on his Strava upload yesterday. Apparently DSM seem to either have trouble with acquiring their ITT materials in time or they didn't bring them to UAE for everyone. Arensman didn't have aero overshoes/socks, he didn't have TT wheels (just normal road wheelsets) and had no training on the new TT bike so far. Thus struggling with position and power.

Looking at a picture from Arndt, he did have wheelsets and at least socks. Can only assume that DSM have had problems with acquiring material in time for the first races due to Covid (theres been a few comments from teams who struggled with that over winter) and they had to make decisions on who would race with material and go for a result.
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