UAE Tour 2021, February 21 - February 27

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All early season form caveats aside, it will be a big confidence boost for any sprinter who gets a win here against this field. You start the season by taking basically every scalp other than Demare.
And yet with this stellar field it was a really, really dull sprint. Though my view may be heavily influenced by having watched it with the commentary of a certain Austrian Expert.
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It's not like it was a dangerous turn. Every team knew that there was a bend at the end. No excuses, they knew what side of the road they had to be on.
I'm not criticising it for being dangerous, I just think it's a little lame that it wasn't straight so it would be more a real sprint than what wr got, especially with the entire world elite present.
When have those clowns ever added something?
The most annoying thing about them is that they give out potentially interesting stats but don’t give the same stats for each rider so you can’t compare like with like.

Today for instance they reveal that Bennett had a max power of 1595w and a 10 second average of 1365. Is that a lot? Well, if you remember a load of previous sprints, you’ll know that it is indeed a very high number particularly for a lighter sprinter. But for that number to really tell us much, you’d need today’s numbers from at least some other guys. Which they don’t give. There is no real purpose to any of their statistics without meaningful comparators, it’s just novelty stuff.
Ackermann continues his habit of going way too early. Do Bora just not have coaches capable of telling him over and over to stop hitting the front 50m before any other big name sprinter? It’s just incredible how often he makes the same mistake.

edited to add: actually looking at the sprint again, it wasn’t really his mistake this time. His leadout was on the front too early and then died leaving him in the wind.
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The mounted cameras make it look like you are in a computer game. Horrible. Velon adding nothing again.
Actually I disagree. For the 1st time ever i think the onboard usage live during the race has actually added some value. I cant remember who it was yesterday but it was cool seeing one of the riders in the breakaway attack the group from his own onboard camera more or less as it was happening.

Not sure how one can say they add nothing when the alternative is the buch shot from the moto for minutes at a time. The short burst from the onboard camera was excellent.
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Sep 17, 2020
Btw why even bring Richeze and Gaviria. Crazy how little UAE have got out of Gaviria.
Won't be surprised if Richeze and Gaviria's time are over at Team UAE after this season.
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