UAE Tour 2021, February 21 - February 27

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Wouldn't be fair of Pogacar to win all* the jerseys after all!

*Or... maybe it's not all, not sure what that black jersey signifies.
Here you are, lazy weekend Viking
Black Jersey
Intermediate Sprint Classification: worn daily, starting from Stage 2, by the rider who has gained more Intermediate Sprint Points than any other rider.
So how can they beat Sam Bennet today? Surely by not changing anything and hoping he becomes weaker by himself. Kind of seems a lot of the big teams will walk away with nothing much.
In sprinting that works surprisingly often! It’s not like coming to the bottom of the final mountain with the strongest guy and expecting him not to be the strongest suddenly. The strongest rarely sweeps the sprints.
That doesn't mean that he didn't deviate from his line, use his shoulders to barge his way out of a hole and impede another rider. He tried the same yesterday and, rightly, was shoved back into the hole he'd made for himself. The fact is that Gaviria gave up on the contest far too easily ... perhaps with his own crashes and that of Jokobsen/Sarreau at the forefront of his mind. It's immaterial that no penalty was handed out.
Ewan seems to get away with a lot of stuff that other riders don't. If it was Sagan doing it there would be war on here and if it was Also there would be a nuclear meltdown
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