UCI has one 'last chance to prove its credibility'

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May 3, 2010
Robert21 said:
Brian Cookson has disappointed me in the past, as with the way he sided with the UCI when the organisers of the Grand Tours were looking to break away from the UCI's corruption and prevent them from taking over control of the TV rights to pro cycling. However, I think he needs to be given a lot of credit here for simply speaking out, something which in an organisation such as the UCI is almost guaranteed to see the 'old guard' marking you for life.

Let's hope he can help to ensure that a genuinely independent commission is set up, and one that has some real teeth.

Looks like we were wrong to invest any hope in Cookson or any of the national feds.

Robert21 said:
Brian Cookson of British Cycling closes ranks with Pat McQuaid

"I am fully supportive of UCI president Pat McQuaid, who, since his election in 2005, has done an impressive job in frequently difficult circumstances. Any speculation at this difficult time is particularly unhelpful, and I think it is absolutely vital for the future of our sport that we all remain united."

May 26, 2010
Mrs John Murphy said:
Looks like we were wrong to invest any hope in Cookson or any of the national feds.
Nobody should be surprised.

McQuaid was all over TeamGB at the Olympics and Sky at the TdF.