UCI MTB World Cup (All forms!)

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I wondered about that too.
I was almost sure I read his name there, but you're right. It's strange as I saw a rainbow jersey in a pic from their training camp (but thinking of it, it could be Boichis).

It isn't a case of they only mentioning their road team because they included Chiara Teocchi. So, are they going back to Specialized Factory?

In another news, it's now official. Mona Mitterwallner will be in Cannondale.
Ha ha, I also assumed that it was road only, but then Teocchi's name was there......

As they are both US Specialized riders, will they move to the full factory team, or a US Only team. Strange there have been no rumours, but MTB news is hard to find.....

Yes, Mona to Cannondale - good for them, but have Trek got no money? Or decided they didn't need her, which I find hard to believe. Both the Olympic & World Champion...surely that would bring in more sponsorship? Or maybe not.....
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Well no real news regarding Blevins, Batten & Dascalu. However, Koretzky is now in B&B Hotels colours, riding KTM bikes; no idea what's happening with his MTB programme.
Would like to know what bike Vader will now use, seeing as Cervelo don't have a MTB; though I think Santa Cruz are owned by the same company.
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Well unsurprisingly, both Blevins & Batten have signed for the Specialized Factory team; they'll be using virtually the same equipment as they were at Trinity; so 6 XC riders for the team.
Trek with Evie, Jolanda, Maddie Munro, Anton Cooper, Vlad Dascalu and Riley Amos versus Specialized with Sarrou, Kerschbaumer, Blevins, Stigger, Frei and Batten.

Biggest teams in depth from the past years? Scott Sram is beginning to look pale in comparison.

Both teams with lots of talent in DH too with Trek with Reece Wilson and Loris Vergier and Specz with Bruni and Finn Iles.