UCI Road World Championships 21st-29th September 2019 - Yorkshire - Race Thread.

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Wow, 20 riders for the first of the circuits would be quite something. That would mean 100km with a very limited amount of riders. I'd prefer it to be a bit less attritional than that in all honesty, I'd rather 15 or so in the final two laps after a Rio-like race with loads of interesting groups going off the front, but obviously we can't have it all.
I wouldn't be surprised if he's expecting the field to be torn to shreds by crosswinds or something like that. He is expecting the weather to play a big part in the race and it's outcome.

(He also has a new custom paint scheme for his bike for this race. He'll be riding his new Spanish Championship bike for the Worlds. I posted the picture in his thread. )
Thinking that the weather will play a big part means a break will be clear coming into the finishing circuits and a big peloton of about 60-80 riders will be chasing.I dont hink any countries will burn their matches until the last third of the race considering the wet and falls could be significant.my money is on MVP/Mathews and Fuglsang...
Race shortened. Buttertubs and grinton moor are out...

Race now has 9x local lap, total distance 261 km

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Not to completely flog this dead horse, but it seems that the pro platoon does not think that motor pacing back is a bad thing. If you twit, check out all of the tweets from pros (and some media). Their two main arguing points are: it happens all of the time, and if you crash or flat, you might as well quit if you can't motor pace back. I guess its their 'office' so who am I to argue (that doesn't mean I like it). These guy do tend to use the "everyone is doing' card a lot though.
Worst week of worlds racing in a long time if not ever.
Ok so you had;
  • an interesting first race, better than the old trade team TTTs if still a bit weird
  • an amazing ride by Tiberi to win the junior TT, after a bike change at the start and getting held up by a car
  • Gareva winning after going the wrong way
  • Dygert destroying the pack in the women's TT, in an iconic performance
  • Dennis doing the same for the men's
  • Some odd crashes in the u23 ITT and women's junior race
  • an amazing u23 race with drama aplenty
  • an iconic ride from Van Vleuten in the women's
  • a worlds race with three/four circuits worth of very good action after an extremely hard race. A shocking and dramatic last 10km which will remain in the memory
But I guess Valverde didn't do very well and it rained. You can't possibly think it was worse than Doha, even with the Valverde bias.
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The men's Junior ITT was the ONLY race of the entire week that I found to truly be worth watching. The rest were poor at best. The women's road races (both) were bad at best. Found the TTTMR to be a joke at best. The women's race proved there is NO depth in the women's peloton. Both women's races and the U-23 race along with the men's race are at best fully a waste of time to have watched. As were all the ITTs except the men's junior and I usually enjoy ITTs.
Great racing all week, and another good race today. Have we been watching different worlds the past few years?
Apparently, because other than the very stupid race in Quatar (or however that's spelled) the last several Worlds have been about 100% BETTER than this week has been. This week has been HORRIBLE. 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2017, and 2018 ALL MUCH, MUCH better than this week has been.



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