Ulissi pulled

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Jul 11, 2013
Netserk said:
No. Ulissi was never suspended by UCI AFAIK.
Nor was Kreuziger at first..

Then I read this:

Ulissi has been provisionally suspended and he will not attend Italy’s national team training camp, the team said.
So the team performed the provisional suspension.. Not the UCI it seems..

Surely we will hear something similar to this from Cookson in the next few days:

"What I will say is that these things are taking too long to resolve, but what was particularly worrying about this case was that his own team withdrew him from the Tour de France because of the Biological Passport but then put him back into competition at the Tour of Poland.That was an extremely odd thing to do in my opinion. So what we've decided to do is look at all of these cases and treat them, if we can, as the equivalent to being an A sample positive test."
Or maybe not...

The thing is, Ulissi did test positive right?

Why not provisionally suspend him until case closed?
Why only for a few monts, if ever they did so...

Instead we have this:
After having carefully examined the documents made available by the laywer of Ulissi (Avv. Taminelli) and considering the articulated rules and regulations of MPCC association , of which Team Lampre Merida is member, the responsible for the health of Team Lampre Merida, Dr Carlo Guardascione, while waiting for further evidence, currently still late, from the UCI and WADA regarding the dossier concerning the positivity to albuterol, has issued a positive opinion for the resumption of racing for the rider Diego Ulissi.
This case is packed with contradicting info and statements...

Only ones who are quiet are the UCI...
Seems like its a new ploy by teams to get the UCI to do their job quickly so they don't waste their time and money on paying riders while they do nothing.

There are some seriously lazy people in the UCI it seems.
What a joke: for months since the Giro, UCI says nothing, as soon as he pulls a leg over the bike they come with this ridiculous statements! Either suspend him right after the positive or let him go. This is just messing with a career of a rider that still has to be proven guilty. Also screw MPCC and internal rules, if he's not UCI suspended then he's good to go. Maybe he should have gone to Colombia and do an altitude study :rolleyes:
May 19, 2010
UCI hasn't made any statements about his case. All information has come from Lampre or Ulissi himself.

If he'd been riding for Tinkoff, Movistar (or maybe even Sky) we might not have heard of his positive yet, and he'd been racing all summer. Then maybe he would get a three month sanction in late October to sit out during the off season, or just a public warning and loss of the result of the Giro stage where he tested positive for too much Salbutamol. But he is riding for a MPCC team, and he was pulled when the team was informed about the positive. Then UCI spent all summer working out his case. Lampre lost their patience and let Ulissi race. After one competition they get the news that UCI has finished Ulissi's case and that they think he has committed an anti-doping rule violation. The case hase been sent to the Swiss cycling federation (where Ulissi has his liscense). Lampre pulls Ulissi again. Is the timing of UCI's finishing of the case a coincidence? Maybe, maybe not.

When there is a positive test riders should be provisionally suspended and UCI should announce it (like MPCC teams does). Even if the substance they are positive for are Salbutamol or Clenbuterol. And then the cases should be handled faster by CADF/UCI.
Mar 8, 2010
Disgusting !

Rogers, Impey then Ulissi ... next Kreuziger or Tiernan-Locke ?

This is just a joke ruled by lawyers
neineinei said:
Then UCI spent all summer working out his case.
We don't know this to be true or false. What we know is the anti-doping authority at the Giro got a positive report. Assuming this happened per WADA standards, at the time of the report, all the anti-doping work has been done. The only task left is notifying the rider.

Another maybe is we don't have a clue if the WADA process is being followed. We know the UCI has not followed it recently, so IMO, you can't assume anything.

Furthermore, it's possible the parties were negotiating a swift conclusion and that broke down. We know some cases have been handled this way.

I wonder if this is the UCI meddling with Lampre to meet some other objective.
staubsauger said:
So is that the punishment for Horner and with a retrospective ban Ulissi is officially permited to go Di Luca at the Giro and Vuelta?
yes, it looks like so. and the Italian journalists are ok with that.
I am waiting for some comments from the clinic knights, but it look like they are too busy talking about Brailsford and the UK journalists
Jun 21, 2014
What a ****ing joke. His last race was in September, he gets a 9 month ban and will be allowed to race again in late March.
May 26, 2009
Why even bother banning him if you're going to give him a joke ban. The guy should be banned for 2 years minimum.
Ullisi's undergone the WADA controlled excretion study, so this is why his ban has been back-dated by Swiss Olympic Association so far. Complete waste of time and simply a delay/softening tactic by Ullisi or more likely Lampre.
Mar 26, 2009
One of the defences for Ulissi would be a study which state that the low hydratation/very hot weather would help to have a positive in a doping control.

Out of curiosity I went to check what was the weather like that day at the finish line, and the highest temperature was 20°C.

I know that the weather at the finish line doesn't say much, but eventhe route wasn't very demanding and I would think that there wouldnt be any problem with water bottles supply.

If we add that on stage 5 he won, on stage 6 he was 9th, on stage 8 he won again, on stage 9 he finished 4th and again a spectular performance on stage 12 with a 2nd place in a time trial (I think he never got this kind of performance in a ITT), it all sounds fishy.

See above, CES is simply another way to delay banning procedure so far, that your actual ban is mostly just paperwork and over the winter. See R.Kreuziger for nearly every other option available to to a rider and team to get your ban delayed as long as possible lol!
Jun 5, 2014
Some riders even do "puff puff" before doing 30 sec 120 rpm attacks.

If the standard ban for EPO and transfusions is 2 years then it should be 1 year for medium efficient substances.
UCI has produced far bigger jokes.
Dr. Juice said:
Some riders even do "puff puff" before doing 30 sec 120 rpm attacks.

If the standard ban for EPO and transfusions is 2 years then it should be 1 year for medium efficient substances.
UCI has produced far bigger jokes.
The Giro that year was absurdly cold. The guy was probably just trying breathe a little better and get his heart rate up.

Meanwhile Froome is wolfing down the horse steroids pumping the gas in the last 30km and all is good.