US prosecutors drop case against Armstrong/USPS

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mewmewmew13 said:
Will Bono be there? :D
If Bono headed up the UCI it would be awesome.

He's Irish. He could take over from Pat. U2 could tour along side the world Tour.

If anyone tested positive Bono would sit the culprits down with the Dalai Larma to purge them of the inner demons.

Bono would end famine and doping with a massive Live Aid concert in Austin Texas (Sheryl to headline). Skinny cyclists next to emaciated skinny rock stars. They could all swap needle stories.

In the name of love.
May 26, 2010

"Lance Armstrong appears to suggest he won’t fight expected USADA doping case"

‘It doesn’t matter any more’; Texan accepts he could lose Tour titles.

Maybe he'll call of the minions now?

Nobody’s on the fence about me anymore. It’s kind of refreshing. If someone says, ‘I think you F*** cheated, I go, ‘ok, great. Can we talk about something else? Because I really don’t give a **** what you think. I’m not going to waste any more time having that argument.”

But i doubt it. He's still the liar we'll all know. As long as his minions are out there trying to derail discussions he'll be happy.


Mar 11, 2009
sniper said:
How quickly can USADA act?

Another year or two waiting for USADA investigations to come to a close?

Still, the feds not prosecuting is amazing, considering the effort put in by Novitzky and co.
Well, it only took them 4 months to "turn over every stone" and file their sanctions. That is pretty fast for the USADA I bet. Maybe a Rush Job?

Hopefully no inappropriate or illegal use of secret GJ Testimony yikes.
We will see, we will see....
Jan 14, 2011
Please allow me

... to summarize the insightful and cogent arguments that have been enunciated here concerning Lance A and doping.

"No he didn't!"
"Yes he did!"
"No he didn't!"
"Yes he did!"
"No he didn't!"
"Yes he did!"

"Well you're dumb!"
"You're dumber!"
"Well you're dumb!"
"You're dumber!"
"Well you're dumb!"
"You're dumber!"

"And your Mother's dumb too!"
"And your Mother's dumb times 10!"
"Oh yeah?!

(please ignore any facts in the case and repeat until every forum member with a brain dies of boredom.)
Aug 18, 2012
ValleyFlowers said:
More from Velonation:
United States Attorney Birotte says there are currently no plans to bring criminal charges against Armstrong

... "Meanwhile a Qui Tam whistleblower suit continues to progress towards a hearing. It was launched by Armstrong’s former US Postal Service team-mate Floyd Landis. The US Justice Department has the option of joining that case, but has not yet announced if it will do so or not."
It has seemed very unlikely that the federal case will be re-opened in recents weeks, it would be very embarrassing for Birotte if people keep asking why it was closed in the first place.

Lance refusing to pay up to SCA, IMO, increases the chances slightly that the US Justice system joins the case. It makes him seen to be not totally remorseful and gives him more public attention which isn't really what he wants right now.
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