UST Wheels And Tyres.

Apr 25, 2018

Cutting a long story short I have ended up with a Mavic Cosmic Elite UST rear wheel and this came with a Yksion Pro UST tyre. On the second ride out the tyre was slit open by a piece of flint and was beyond repair and the only tyre I could quickly lay my hands on was a Hutchinson Sector 28, 28mm, UST.
My questions are: 1) Can I use any UST tyre with my Mavic Cosmic Elite UST rear wheel? 2) Can I carry on using my front wheel with 23mm tyre and inner tube or should I be running a UST on the front as well? I have noticed that going into corners that the front turns straight away and the rear seems to want to "think about it" before following.
Thank you.
Mar 1, 2015
(1) I would think you can use any tire you want.

(2) According to Mavic's website the Cosmic Elites are tube or tubeless ready. So you can fit them with whatever clincher tire you want to use.

I would run 28's front and rear and I do. I love riding lower pressures.
I've recently gone tubeless with this system. Mavic OP UST rims and Yksion Pro UST tyres. The system worked really well for me. Tyres on almost without levers and inflated with a standard track pump straight away. So far, so good but I've not put many miles into them yet.
The narrower the rims and the lighter the tyres the more of a pain they are with regards to sealing IME. Of course, different rim tyre combinations really make a difference. Campag Shamal 2-way are notorious
I've not been able to compare rim widths with same tyre so dont know. What I can say is that apart from tyre size, tyre type plays a huge part. I've had two types of Hutchinson Fusion 5 on my Fulcrum carbon disc wheels and the difference was incredible.

What sealant are you using?
Muc-off as that's what the shop had in. Spoke to a few cross racers and they said that in terms of actually sealing a hole they hadn't noticed much of a difference between sealants. Biggest difference is longevity. The orange stuff seems to be highly recommended, but replacing it every 30 days seems a pain. Even the endurance stuff at 120 days seems less than other brands. Have you got any opinions on what's best?

Guy who built my wheels had some Hunt wheels in to set up tubeless, he was not impressed compared to the Mavics. Seems to be a running theme with wheelbuilders I know and these brands that are popping up and offering wheels cheaper than all the big players, one went as far as moaning that one particular brand can't actually produce a round rim.
Sep 14, 2016

King Boonen said:
Reason I went with Mavic was their grand claims on tubeless but also that they finally updated the OP to modern widths. Unsure why anyone would want to persist with narrow rims these days?
Because they are quicker but less comfortable