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Valverde's in the clear

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Mar 18, 2009
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Angliru said:
Who was responsible for the catching and sentencing of Roberto Heras, Santiago Perez, Isodro Nozal and others? Just curious because I don't readily recall.

Heras and Perez tested positive in UCI tests for EPO and blood transfusions. None of those cases was related to the above investigations.

Nozal was named in Puerto, but never charged.
Oct 15, 2009
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issoisso said:
I'd like to add (this is an addendum, not a counterpoint) that the phenomenom doesn't really choose country. I know blind british Valverde fans who will accept no reasoning or logic. And similar ones of other nationalities too.

Spanish ones are, of course, more common, since nationality tends to play a big part in blind fanatical bias (as seen by a small minority of almost every rider's fanbase), but they are in no way the rule.

PS: Nice to see you around here :) (and nice avatar!)

Thanks :)

Yeah, I didn't mean to say that it only happens in Spain, but that the Valverde's fanboys are here much more annoying (and if there's any place where there are more annoying than in Spain, then I pity you guys from wherever that place is).

Anyway, and back to topic, I've been pretty sure that he would get a world wide ban since the beginning of this issue with the CONI sanction, but there's a feeling growing on me that he might not be banned. I don't know why, maybe it's just another irrational attack (which commonly attack me when I'm too sure about something), but Valverde's attitude towards this question, with that of "I'm prepared for receiving a sanction" and that stuff.

Mmm, I think that I should have more faith on the CAS. But I haven't.


personally i think its stick in spokes time...

do this the easy way... .

cos by the time all these court cases have happened piti is gonna be 37 and retired...
Sep 21, 2009
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I'll never understand why the Spanish government has to meddle in an affair that is essentially a bunch of guys playing a game and cheating at it. This should be left to those who rule the game, although they should be requested to operate consistently in all kinds of games and all countries.