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If Viviani will go to the Tour with half decent shape and wanting to go to the beach as early as possible like Cipollini he won't enter in the top 10, Cipollini could do that because he was way superior than the competition, Viviani isn't even the stronger in absolutely top shape and he's able to beat stronger sprinters only thanks to Quick-Step train.
I'm sure he can win a couple of stages at the Tour but he absolutely need to take a break after the classics and be sure to go in France at his best and possibly with the addition of Richeze in his usual train.

WKA311 said:
Yes. He should be the only top sprinter left in the race. Maybe Ackermann as well but Viviani will be ahead of him in the points ranking anyway.
He should've stayed at the Giro, because I just read there's a chance that DQS will leave him out of their TdF-team :surprised:
According to the latest they are planning to build a team around Mas and Alaphilippe, for GC and stage wins. Would be quite a blow for his ambitions.

F_Cance said:
Hard to build a GC team without climbers except the two mentioned.
Jungels is going to ride the Tour, maybe they go for James Knox (now he's out of the Giro), Asgreen showed his climbing potential in Cali, Devenyns, Gilbert and Vakoc could go a long way in the mountains as well.
Mas did not have the best beginn to the year (started his form build up late and had a few crashes), but IF he is at the very front of the Tour de Suisse, that could lead to an interesting decision by Lefevere. Will you take Viviani plus 2-3 leadout guys or will you put all your eggs into the Mas-basket?
It's not like they have a ton of guys who can support Mas in the mountains.
They can bring, Mas, Ala, Gilbert, Asgreen, Viviani, Morkov and Richeze plus another guy. They don't have many real climbers who could make a difference for Mas, Knox probably needs some rest right now.
Regardless, Vivianis Giro was certainly not the best outcome for future contract negotiations. If he is left off the Tour squad he is basically gone next year. Jakobsen and Hodeg are under contract for 2 more years and if they pay Alaphilippe (and maybe Mas) handsomely they wont renew with Viviani. All their topsprinters left after one contract recently anyway. Cavendish, Kittel, Gaviria (extended but then still left) and now probably Viviani. The 2019 Giro only made it easier for them to rationalize the decision.
So, he will squeeze Tour de Suisse in between the Giro and the Tour.

The cool thing about this is that we will see a sprint train consisting of four national champions with Lampaert, Mørkøv, Richeze and Viviani.

Maybe they just had to show that off before the nationals weekend :D
According to an article appeared on Cyclingpro last week he said that he talked with Lefevere after the Giro complaining about leadouts from Senechal and Sabatini and he was reassured that he'll have Lampaert, Morkov and Richeze for the Tour, so probably they need to test the train.


Jan 3, 2019
Elia is not the first Viviani to win a race for Cofidis!
His younger brother Attilio just won the Schaal Sels (1.1) as a trainee. Might get him on the squad next year.