Volta a la Comunitat Valenciana 2023 (February 1-5)

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Tomorrow's stage is under 100km. The top of the 5km @ 9% climb is with 45km to go. Can the sprinters make it?

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The problem for both Ineos and Bahrain is that their second GC option is in the Gloag group. Especially Ineos can hope to flip this with bonus seconds, though.

Edit: not the Gloag group, who (just like Aranburu) is one further group back, contrary to earlier reports, but G2.
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Yes, although he was initially reported to be in the first rather than the second chase group so may have lost further time on the descent. Or the info was wrong in the first place.
before the race Gloag mentioned that he did some specific descending training, but is still lacking a bit in that regard. So doesn't sound unreasonable that he lost further time downhill.
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