Volta a Portugal 2019 (31.7 - 11.8.)

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Dec 30, 2015
yeah, the first two riders within a second gap.

probably your only interest in this race is the occasional "scandal", which we didnt had this year
This is how Pinto's GC career began, going on the penultimate climb from home in the Senhora da Graça stage a few years ago, and hanging on when the big guns came in for the win on Monte Farinha. He won the summit the following year. This reflects almost exactly the progression of his predecessor as leader of LA, Hernâni Brôco, who likewise was in the Alto Campanhó move and then hung on up Senhora da Graça in 2010, then won the climb from the péloton a year later. I suspect here he's a stepping stone for João to ride over to as they seem to have pegged the advantage.
Well, Brandão may defend, he was pretty good in the final TT last year, but you'd think Rodrigues should comfortably overhaul him. It really depends what mood Gustavo is in seeing and whether he pushed too hard today.
Brandao also beat Rodrigues in the prologue and the short climbs in the ITT should suit him well. That said, Rodrigues is the big favourite right now.