Volta ao Algarve em Bicicleta 2020, Portugal, February 19 - February 23

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Regarding Kwiatkowski.

I guess the worrying part is that he is usually in great form early in the season and through most of the spring. Then switching to a domestic role in the Tour. A couple of seasons he has also been able to also make some results in the fall.

Now he has to chase form though, it seems like...

He really hit the wall last year and he sounded optimistic in an interview before the season that he had taken some time off etc. That he was now motivated and felt better... but if you know people that has hit the wall or been burned out etc. It takes a lot more time than maybe a few months.

He still at a high level and maybe it is as simple as that he just need some races to get into shape, since he hasnt raced the Tour. Valenciana and Algarve are his first races back from that. Then again, these are the first races for most riders this season.

Maybe my point is that it is still early to say if he will have a season similar to last, but if he doesnt get any results this spring that will be noteworthy, maybe it will be worse.

he had a bad crash during a training in December, went into a scooter, so didn't train like he would have wanted during the winter.