Volta ao Algarve em Bicicleta 2020, Portugal, February 19 - February 23

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I've just had another look at the profile of stage 20 in the Giro and was wondering if Remco could smash em all in the ITT the next day? If he has given up early in the race on GC to concentrate on stage wins then yes. This Giro should be a learning curve for him, not to be involved in GC just because he can TT like a god. I don't think he could make up enough time against seasoned GT climbers to defend in the high mountains but I look forward to being proved wrong.
What on earth makes you think Remco will give up on GC? The kid is driven, like Froome.
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Times for the best youngsters:

1.1.41EVENEPOEL RemcoDECEUNINCK - QUICK - STEPSub230:24:07.814
11.2.111BJERG MikkelUAE TEAM EMIRATESSub230:24:59.26901:00:51.455
20.3.167LEKNESSUND AndreasUNO - X NORWEGIAN DEVELOPMENT TEAMSub230:25:06.78701:00:58.973
22.4.44ALMEIDA JoãoDECEUNINCK - QUICK - STEPSub230:25:10.25301:01:02.439
24.5.97VAN WILDER IlanTEAM SUNWEBSub230:25:12.91201:01:05.98
37.6.94EEKHOFF NilsTEAM SUNWEBSub230:25:35.38401:01:27.570
46.7.75VAN MOER BrentLOTTO SOUDALSub230:25:48.38401:01:40.570
48.8.52GENIETS KévinGROUPAMA - FDJSub230:25:49.00201:01:41.188
52.9.166SLEEN TorjusUNO - X NORWEGIAN DEVELOPMENT TEAMSub230:26:04.69801:01:56.884
62.10.7TEJADA CANACUE Harold AlfonsoASTANA PRO TEAMSub230:26:16.43001:02:08.616
This is in line with his time trials at the junior WC in 2018 and the pro EC in 2019. I’m glad I’ve been following him since his junior days or I would never believe what I saw the past few weeks.
Remco beat Thomas best time from 2018 when he was untouchable through to his TDF win.

This is scary good.

And I am excited. It is great to see his immaculate TT aero position. And then he climbed with the best as well. This is what a GT winner should be.

Again, reminds me of Hinault

I think those who still hope to win the TDF should do it this year.
His inconsistency in those mountains is actually his greater weakness imo.
Often that inconsistency is made worse by the need to chase large chunks of time back that he had given up against the clock. If he can TT like this so he only loses 10-30 seconds on the majority of GC rivals it will make it less difficult in the mountains as going 3 mountains away from the finish to gain 4 minutes will be less needed.
Any wind in any direction would be detrimental on a loop course. Hard to compare without knowing conditions from Thomas’s 2018 effort. We need Remco to get on Strava again
Can we at least see how he fares in the high mountains and how he goes over 3 weeks in a GT before we start crowning him?

the one unknown, as i have stated several times is recovery over three weeks.

not particularly worried about high mountains. he doesn't seem too worried and states tests show he does not lose power at high altitudes...

he may not win the giro this year (though I think he could), but that won't stop him from winning a GT soon.

and again, he only just turned 20.