Volta ao Algarve em Bicicleta 2020, Portugal, February 19 - February 23

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Oct 31, 2018
Getting married?
Anyway, Remco will be up there, especially with the TT at the end.

Anyone knows the form of other main contenders such as Nibali, Thomas, Lopez and such?
Remco is the favourite.
Mollema, Rui Costa and Kwiatkowski will be up there. Wellens could challenge too.

I'm not expecting Nibali/G. Thomas to be in top shape. And the parcours doesn't really favor Superman.
There are a few youngsters to keep an eye on (Leknessund, Brunel, Van Wilder, Almeida).
Yep. I'll be watching the race for Evenepoel, Van Wilder, Leknessund and van der Poel.
Yes... and...

1. He's already proven that he's more than capable of winning big bike races.
2. "Big steps in life (private)" doesn't have to mean "marriage". It could be… anything.
He's explicitly including his personal life in the tweet. Talking about big steps and knowing what he wants and whom with. Could be anything, but it's clearly not about a new haircut. So marriage doesn't seem unlikely.
Dennis was in good shape at the TDU, so should find this to his liking - Agree that Schachmann has a chance for a podium, Mollema should do well while Rui Costa was the strongest rider at the Saudi Tour - It's a wide open race.


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