Vuelta 2017 stage 10 Caravaca to Alhama 164,8 km

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LaFlorecita said:
bob.a.feet said:
I have no idea what the Dutch commentators are saying, but anyone who is watching (and speaks Dutch of course :D ) - how do they rank among other cycling commentators?
Sporza right? They're Flemish, I personally think they're good although they talk a lot :D many Dutch people prefer them over Dutch NOS (horrible commentators) and Eurosport (ads).
So a lot better than say... Kirby and Kelly :lol:
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Eclipse said:
Rollthedice said:
What I find baffling is the passivity of the likes of Orica and BMC who have much better teams than Bahrain.
Well, we all know Orica are a bit boring. BMC don't have too much to work with, they're basically reliant on TJ holding on for as long as he can.
Orica will definitely have stages picked out, but I really don't think they've had many obvious opportunities so far given how strong Froome's been on the shorter climbs.


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