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Vuelta a España - Stage 8 Villena - Xorret del Catí 190km

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Libertine Seguros said:
Harmon offered Barredo up as somebody who could possibly try something in the stage and Kelly just said, with no tone of humour at all, "no, he'll just attack at completely the wrong time as usual", then when pressed, went on to talk about how he was clearly very strong in the stage to Pau of the Tour but wasted it trying to TT in from over 40km out, and how his attempt to beat sprinters' trains a couple of days ago was "idiotic". Kelly pretty much said he's a very talented rider with no tactical sense whatsoever.

In which case he should unite with Linus Gerdemann.
He has a point, of course. In that Tour stage, if he had waited until 15 or even 20 km from the finish, he might have made it (although in my opinion Fédrigo was clearly the strongest that day). But trying to beat the sprinters' train is not idiotic. You look silly if you can't make it even for a few hundred meters, of course, but that's better than waiting to be 30th in the bunch sprint.