Vuelta a España 2019 stage 16: Pravia - Alto De La Cubilla - 144.4km

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While the climbs of stage 18 aren't super-steep, they are quite high altitude at 1750-1850 m.

Valverde should suffer in the thin air. If Lopéz and Pog attacks on the last Morcuera, I could see Valverde lose 3 minutes or more.

The last half of the penultimate climb is the hardest part of the stage.

Valverde's altitude issues typically hit at 2,000. Not sure why that number, but below that he doesn't seem to have the same problems.
Be a shame forValverde to slip now. Hope it doesn't happen. But it seems there is still some life in Astana and Lopez is sensing an opportunity. Pogacar also has done extremely well up till now. Quintana has looked ordinary since the TT.
Valverde is fine with high altitudes. He's less fine with super hard or hard ridden stages, and the very high altitude stages tend to be harder in general.

If anything I think he really dislikes the shallower power climbs more than the high altitude.
Do you really think he was doming for Roglic?!
I mean, obviously he was riding his own race. But he seemed to have been intentionally avoiding harming Roglic's chances. He refused to pull for a few minutes and only when to the front when Roglic was back on the wheel. I have no issues with him doing whatever he wants anyway but even more, given that he's twenty, not pulling and going for white is a legit strategy. But it did seem a little weird that he did come up to pull once Rorglic rejoined, given that the objective for doing so seemed to be going for a podium.