Vuelta a España 2019 stage 19: Ávila - Toledo > 165.2 km

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I hope one of these days they get rid of "fair play" and "peloton etiquette", it makes Grand Tours look more like a parade and less like a race.

Granted, stuff like this has been around for a hundred years so it's not exactly new.

I prefer 1-day races these days for exactly this reason.
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Do you really beleive that movistar is saying the true?
The fact is that Movistar were at the front not by chance or as an afterthought following the crash but because they knew that after that town there would be open roads exposed to cross winds and they had anticipated that movement before entering that town. One of their DS (Lastras) comes from a town they've crossed today which is 25km from the place of the crash, so these are his home roads. Posts #38 and #39 in this thread tell about open roads, predicted wind speed and direction and the possibility of echelons. A quick look at a terrain map tells where the open roads start for those who don't know the area. So it's very likely that the crash was caused by the stress of the situation as the bunch approached that critical point and there were more riders pushing to go to the front than the road width allowed.
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May 30, 2016
I've just lost all respect for Lopez. He obviously has no clue what he's talking about. Lopez is critizing Movistar for doing exactly what his own Astana team did to Contador in the 2015 Giro. Guess he doesn't like turn about being fair play.

Appears the UCI has fixed the Vuelta this year from what they did on this stage.

With what happened today it's obvious the UCI has it out for Movistar.

With what the UCI did today, may as well just end pro cycling all-together. There's literally no reason to bother racing as they just told everyone they aren't allowed to have a real race as the winner must be whom THEY want the winner to be. Thanks UCI for showing us that the results for all races MUST now be questioned.

Why the heck were there not time gaps at the end that were obvious?
Did Lopez ride for Astana in 2015? Was he at that race? Asking for a friend
I have no idea why anyone would be surprised by Movi going Full Gas with riders strewn all over the ground. They have always taken advantage of those situations in the past so why be shocked they would do it again?