Vuelta a España 2020: Stage 2 (Pamplona - Lekunberri, 151.6 km)

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if that’s the case then unfortunately Enric Mas won’t win this bike race again. Finished 6th of 6th in the final sprint again today. Although he did outsprint Superman one time, but that was uphill.
Yeah, Mas can't sprint. He can win the bike race IF he climbing and TTing are very good. He's not going to out sprint many people.
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I think Roglic should make hay while the sun shines and try to go solo on the climb and make use of his descending skills to stay clear. To me, this stage seems perfect for his characteristics. Only issue is whether the form is really there as he did look a bit suspect yesterday when he was gapped with Dan Martin.
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Roglic is once again the number 1 favourite for this stage. Valverde and Dan Martin also have good chances
Bala to finish 10 mins back with Froome and Cav (not here I know) and all the other guys who we really need to stop talking about as favourites.

Dan Martin to forget he is an awful bike handler and crash attacking on the descent if he hasn't already crashed going up hill
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It was last night, a storm that passed here in Portugal too and that currently should be in northern France/Belgium.

Yesterday some areas in Spain recorded more than 200mm of accumulated precipitation in one day, but last night the forecast showed almost no rain for the finishing climb today.
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Sep 18, 2020
We’ll see if it pans out, but from Eurosport this AM...

“For me Mas is the favorite to win La Vuelta at the level of Roglic, or even ahead of him "

-Alberto of Pinto
I think you can only agree. Mas is usually bad at the start of the race and the climb was't well suited to him yet he looked strong. I would say better than Roglić. His ITT should be enough if he can drop Primoz on Tourmalet, Farrapona and Angrilu and he will possibly have a valuable allay in Carapaz.


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