Vuelta a España 2020: Stage 3 (Lodosa - La Laguna Negra-Vinuesa, 166.1 km)

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Jul 8, 2017
I don't think it's hard enough for a break to not succeed. There's nothing for sprinter teams to chase for (unlike Friday, when Bora and Quickstep will be working for Ackerman and Bennett), but there's no benefit whatsoever to Jumbo to chase down any attacks.

The only problem for JV is that with 2 hard-ish mountain stages done and dusted, there isn't a classics rider or a sprinter within 5 minutes of the lead who they could just allow to go up the road and borrow the jersey until the Tourmalet. Anyone still in the top 25 is still a theoretical, potential threat.
Speaking of Tourmalet, will it happen? You know..French people already robbed us the great stage profile in Saturday.
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The main question is will there be ponies on the final climb to help a late attacker? I fell like Soler must have whistled instructions as he went by yesterday.

There could be small gaps on the last ramp, but I suspect a break will take the win. Froome FTW! (actually, I'd love to see him and TD in a break)
I get the impression there are even less riders than usual that have come to this race in any kind of physical or mental shape. Also it seems to be only those who did the Tour who are competitive
I get the impression some riders still believe the Vuelta can be a fun little ride with the teammates or a training exercise to get their form back. Honestly, when I read comments from Pinot before the race (i.e. "I want to rediscover the joy of riding etc" or words to that effect), or Guillaume Martin this morning who expressed surprise at the "violence" of the pace on day one, I believe those guys didn't mentally prepare themselves for what the Vuelta really is these days, aka a hard as hell bike race with constant action & stress from minute one.

It's not a race for cyclotouristes.
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