Vuelta a España Vuelta a España 2022, stage 21: Las Rozas - Madrid, 96.7k

The final day before GT racing goes into hibernation until May. After a year's absence, it's the usual parade again.


Final kilometres (taken from the site of the women's race as it's a much better profile of the same finish):
I think Mas should try something in Madrid. Judging by Remco's reaction (and possible %-ish continuation at the hotel) he may be unable to produce efforts above zone 2 tomorrow
The only thing he failed this Vuelta is to drink his recovery shake after the stage today. The begin of the end? :oops:
And I thought he said that he doesn't drink, so that won't be a problem tomorrow.
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Last 68km of this year's Vuelta, the riders look like they're having way too much fun. Well deserved though... although this stage is largely a snoozefest I'm still tuned in because I think it's nice to see the peloton goofing and letting loose a bit.

On that note I've come to like Pedersen, so hope he wins the eventual sprint.
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