Vuelta Stage 17: Villadiego - Los Machucos (180.5 km)

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TomLPC said:
Pirazziattacks said:
Hey this move could be interesting. Nope, Sky must set a hard tempo even when the riders in front are no danger whatsoever to Froome.
zzzz, ban them all for crimes against cycling.
To be fair, 8 of them just got reeled in by puccio
I feel like Puccio is underrated on here, he's been great this Vuelta. But what would I know, a few years ago Cavendish was leading the Sky train up cat 1s. There's just something about that Sky train that makes guys ride out of their skins...
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Pricey_sky said:
TomLPC said:
Good work lads, bridge the gap then just let Yates ride the entire time
Just about to post the exact same thing. Why bother joining up with Yates/Chavez to just sit on and be swallowed by the bunch. :lol:
because you first eat the plate of the other team(s) before you start your own dixit José de Cauwer , free translated as let the others do the work before you, orica had two riders