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What gets you most excited?

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What gets you most excited?

  • Actual bike racing

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Mambo95 said:
Returning to my original thread, I certainly wasn't trying to 'troll'. I have, for a long time, thought that a certain section of cycling 'fans' follow it for the doping rather than the racing. There are far more recent posts about Contador on this forum than the WCs, for example. And if the 'doping follower' exists, then is there a sub-species of 'Armstrong Only' doping followers? (BikingBernie on Bike Radar is an example).

It was a genuine question. Are fans getting more interested in the soap opera than the racing?

Well the correct answer is so obvious, I don't know why anyone would vote for the first two (I did just for a laugh because it's hidden).

There are a few people who only post related to doping, most of them post infrequently so it's no blight on them, there are less than five regular posters who favour The Clinic over racing.