What language is Ryder Hesjedal speaking?

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Ryder Speak

I grew up in Western Canada eh! And I can tell you Ryder's speech pattern is not Western Canadianese eh! He is inarticulate and mumbles, probably because he cut English classes to ride his mtn bike. What other explanation can there be eh! Great ride Ryder. Hey that rhymes eh!
Jan 27, 2010
Oh Ryder,

As a fellow Canadian I can admit that he is totally understandable to me eh! He does appear in interviews to be searching for the right words and often repeats filler words at the beginning and end of some sentences.

I recall a more interesting sentence during last years TdF when he broke away in a group on the way to Verbier(?Spelling). The camera panned from the back to front of the breakaway and as they passed by Ryder it was when another rider was trying to short his pull and Ryder said something like this, and quite clearly..."get the F&*k up there". Ya, he's Canadian eh! Probably got that from his hockey years.

PS: His ancestry is Norwegian, as is mine. Don't f*&k with us Vikings.

PSS: Where is the blog talking about how Ryder made it into the top 10 without any help, was in a long solo attack over nasty cobbles that everyone else complained about, at least 2 breakaways (part of a third) and finished 4th on the Queens stage. This guy should be on the cover every cycling magazine next month.

PSS: by the way it's "beauty eh! Hoser!" :D

Apr 27, 2010
Hesjedal is 6'2" 160lbs??? I'm 6'2" 180lbs! Is it possible for me to get down to that weight or is he special.. wth
Jul 23, 2009
There is no hint of Norwegian English vowels in there at all. Just blame Canada for that one I think.