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What's your personal hematocrit level?

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I'm a bloke. I have an autoimmune problem so I get my bloods checked often - last time was june I think. I like how I've always had problems with anaemia and what not, and still the only thing I know about HCT is that Bjarne Riis had a lot of them. :p
Oops sorry to mis-gender/sex/whatever. It's common for anemia to occur in autoimmune diseases, the type is typically called anemia of chronic disease. If you're ever prescribed cortico-steroid for your symptoms that can boost your HCT up a bit. (I have a mild autoimmune disease as well). This article is specific to the several rheumatic autoimmune disorders, but is still useful to understand why the anemia occurs in autoimmune cases. I think it's still accessible sans paywall, if you click on Download PDF in the upper right hand corner:
The local blood bank does a HCT reading every time I donate. Last time it was 49, probably because I have NOT been riding that much. Maybe I need to ride a lot more more BEFORE the next donation to see if it goes down.