Which WT team will win last this year

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Which WT team will win last this year

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quiqui said:
BMC has won most in the last three weeks and is moving up the ranks. After Roompot's first wins, Colombia and Novo Nordisk are the only two teams still without a win at .1 or above.
I wonder if Novo should make an exception for, say, 1-3 riders in their squad who are likely to win a couple of races a year. They'd get more publicity and could claim to be "a team that wins for diabetes" or something. The current thing of being thrown an invitation to the occasional stage race is fine but the novelty wears off the tenth time we're told what the team is for, especially when 99% of the time they don't seem to do anything but get in the most obviously doomed breaks possible. In fact apart from this year's thrilling stage 2 of "Le Tour de Filipinas", they haven't won since 2012.



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