Who is/are your favorite user(s) on this forum?

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Dec 7, 2010
skidmark said:
Not sure where to ask, but where did scott socal go? I notice his account is done, he just shows up as a 'guest'. Figured I'd ask here as he was a poster I enjoyed, obviously especially in the beer thread...

And every forum needs bad guys as well as good guys, so I want to pay a moment to lament poor Polish, who had one of the most amazing flameout comebacks in any forum I've ever seen... not quite BPC level whenever he finally melted down (I think a year and a half ago?), but Polish was funnier so I give him a bigger tip of the hat.
I am not sure but I think Scott asked for his account to be closed.
Nov 8, 2012
Zam_Olyas said:
I just remembered this thread. Fun race it was.
This thread reminds me of Craig. I still miss his posts & pm's about accommodations in Belgium, beer, what it's like in Cali, etc.

But the racing was sure good!