Who is the most versatile rider ?

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TourOfTexas said:
Nibali is my vote.

Does well on the cobbles - Tour '14
Climbs with the climbers (Tour '14)
Time Trials well.
Can hang with the puncheurs (Worlds '13)
Descends with the best
Can win a grand tour or one day classic. (Tour, LBL)
Wins smaller stage races (Tirreno '13)
Does well in bad weather (Tour '14 cobbles stage, Tirreno)

Only thing Valverde beats him in is a sprint.
Valverde beats him in one day races without a doubt. That really shouldn't be disputed based on their performances.
May 23, 2013
Netserk said:
What more do you want? He can sprint and he can win solo and win in a TT as well.
Fair point. Yes, I was unfair on Sagan (however much it pains me to admit that).