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Why does Pro Cycling have SO many Stool Pigeons?

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ravens said:
Please jog my memory, What riots at North Am league games are you referring to? Mainly to post Stanley Cup stuff, eh, like in Vancouver in the 90's!

I wouldn't classify the post-championship burning down of one's city as the actions of fans. These are the actions of drunks watching at home or in a bar looking for any pretense to riot. I agree partially, although I think there are fans mixed with the thugs.

But Europe and South America actually have fans at games rioting. Or are you classing those as the same? That was my main point on football (soccer)

They're both despicable, but when you say riots in any N.A. League sport I am a little unclear. I can think of two, and one happened like 20 years ago. The other, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pacers–Pistons_brawl happened over 5 years ago.

Now if you want to take into account ignorant and thuggish behavior on behalf of athletes in their 'spare time', well I may not know much about foreign sports, but I think American pro athletes shameful acts are in a class all its own.

See above ... I was mainly referring to football in Europe. Keep in mind it was a quick tongue and cheek retort to the comment on cycling fans.


Aug 17, 2009
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Tangled Tango said:
And other countries including the US didn´t?

Germany East and the Eastern Block countries gave their athletes a professional lifestyle and the best trainers from the 50s on.

Along with the most sophisticated doping techniques and highest technologies in doping. Their Olympic dominance was stunning.

I know to be a US Olympian at that time a person needed rich parents.

Their were no richer parents for Olympians than Mother Russia,USSR etc.

Totally unfair advantage.