will uci renew astanaÂ’s license?

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will uci renew astana’s license?

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Kazakhstan’s parliament approved yesterday a budget for continued financing of Astana, the team of Tour de France 2009 winner Alberto Contador, reports Spanish sports journal as.com.

The move has come just in time for the team to submit all the paperwork to the UCI by today's deadline in order that their ProTour license be renewed. Economic issues were the main problem and it already seems to be arranged.

It’s not the solution that Contador liked best. He had preferred to gain the liberty to move to another team (he has offers from Caisse d’Epargne, Garmin and Quick Step), but if Astana has a ProTour license, he will have to fulfill the remaining year on his contract.

In any case, Contador took advantage of the Tour presentation to have an aside with the director of the race, Christian Prudhomme, who guaranteed Contador that he would dispute the Tour whatever his team might be.

If he remains with Astana, as current conditions indicate, his problem will be to count on a solid team to defend him in the Tour.
Mar 16, 2009
luckyboy said:
Didn't we know this a long time ago? A lot of these threads seem to have the same information/news in them

I don't recall seeing it before. But I may have missed it.:eek: