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Win a 'Road to Roubaix' DVD

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Apr 9, 2009
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The spring classics

I didn’t really know what a “Spring Classic” was this time last year. I had a vague awareness the Sean Kelly had some previous but we all know he’s as Flemish as they come at this stage. Another nutty farmer to add to an entire country of nutty farmers who happen to think Mussels and chips are as good as it gets. Then a friend asked if I wanted to have a go at the “Tour of Flanders”. Had he called it the Ronde van Vlaanderen presumed he was choking on his lunch and applied excessive force to a Heimlich maneuver, but instead I said yes.
So there I was with 20,000 flemish lunatics each of whom thought they were going to show torpedo Tom and Eddy a thing or two, rolling out of Nivone on what we call in Ireland a “Soft Day” (directly translated as wet, mucky and miserable enough make small children cry) I couldn’t help but be impressed at the scale of the whole affair. Local rivalry’s and allegiances that I didn’t know existed shone through in a way that I have only seen in Gaelic Games (which goes out of their way to turn neighborly jaunts into pitched battles for local bragging rights). My head was filled (courtesy of you-tube) with romantic images of the Hard men- Eric Vanderaerden leading home 23 poor souls in ’85, Kelly flying down the poggio at San Remo in 92 and Tom Boonan in 2001 the whippet! I was just like the other 20,000 fanatics I wanted to conquer the Muir and the Koppenberg, I wanted to be Sean Kelly only unlike Kelly the Ronde would be mine!
And then I came a cropper……

My second section of Pavè wheel got caught and down I went. Broke a collar bone (see Lance’s recent X-rays on cyclingnews.com for an idea!) and felt embarrassed enough to continue on my bike for about another 10K before abandoning for an operating theatre and a metal plate installed.

When I was discharged the Ronde organizers took Pity and filled me with complimentary beer for the pro race the following day. I was full to the gills with Duval beer and anesthetic when Devolder time trailed away. So one broken shoulder, one broken carbon frame and a feed of beer later I still think of it as one of the best sporting weekends of my life. I didn’t make it back this year (family wedding) but next year I’ll be out to get those 20,000 Belgians and this time I mean business…

How could you not get exited about that!
Mar 18, 2009
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I remember back in the mid 80's I was a junior racer in Texas and the local racing club organized a showing of, "A Sunday in Hell." Up to that point I had practically no exposure to professional racing other than the weekend "Wide World of Sports" type updates about the Tour de France. Lemond hadn't won the tour yet so cycling was far from being anywhere near most Americans' radar.

Anyway, I watched that movie and was immediately in awe of the spring classics and the riders that raced in them. I haven't raced in 15 years but every spring I find myself looking at the calendar and waiting for the results in the paper. Luckily, with the internet and places like cyclingnews.com I'm able to get more and more coverage of the races each year and one day I know I'm going to drag my family over to Europe to see them in person.
Apr 12, 2009
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spring classics

i am borne in belgium in the blessed year 1969 my name is eddy ,my father was a fan of vanlooy,my mother a strong fan of merckx,(guess who won)
cycling is a part of my life,especilally the spring classics ,de ronde,roubaix, it is considence that we won most of them,far from we are born with a cobblestone and brick ,buth de ronde is a reflection of life here, hard work, tough times,rain,sun, feasting,winning,sometimes we grieve if the winner is foreigner, oh yes we grieve about those things,but we cherish our championgs, merckx on top,briek schotte who will never die for us, the ultimate flandrien,but even a foreigner is after winning a part of our lives,ask wesemann or any other winner
he will tell you so,for me the classics of the spring are my relegion,we pray for rain,hoping there is enough beer (never been drunk in my live so we say LOL)
this way we love cycling,its our way,to become somebody,we are a small country,no influence what so ever, but we are proud of ore cycling,
Mar 11, 2009
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I don't really care who wins this - it's such a great topic. Have loved reading about what makes people passionate about this beautiful sport. Thanks everyone.
Apr 14, 2009
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I Love the Spring Classics...

For two reasons.

1) I love to see the torture and challenge of long rides on demanding roads in weather that can look like four seasons in six hours. The fact that the athletes doing this are beyond compare and still find true delight and pleasure in the stress and difficulty of the task is for me thrilling to watch and re-watch.

2) Because the roads remind me of the North American 'Hell of the North' Canadian roads in the spring with their potholes, gravel, new cracks and bends, and the absolute unpredictability of weather. When it hits three degrees and everyone else thinks it's time for a movie and you think; 'What a great time for a fresh spring ride"!

In Velo Veritas!

Mar 19, 2009
The obvious winner....

Is there any question who should get a video, I mean really folks, c'mon. I won the damn thing 4 times!!!!
Mar 6, 2009
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Road to Roubaix winners

Hello everyone,

Thanks for all the entries for the Road to Roubaix DVD competition. The four winners have been chosen, and they'll soon be receiving their copy of Road to Roubaix in the mail.

They were:

*mr. tibbs

The winning entries utilised a combination of experience, passion and humour to illustrate why the Classics get them going.

Keep on the lookout for more chances to win with competitions on the Cyclingnews forum!

The Cyclingnews.com team