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World tour teams to boycott TTT in Qatar

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Apr 15, 2013
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Libertine Seguros said:
BigMac said:
A National TTT wouldn't make any sense. There is literally no race during the year they'd ride together other than the following WC. What would be the point?

If they're doing it as trade teams they should bring back the WT Eindhoven TTT, or have a standalone WT TTT.

If the World Championships has to have a TTT in it, there is only one acceptable format: the classic traditional way.

4 riders, 100km.

If it's not done this way, it's not worth doing.

+1 give us a nice proper national teams TTT over 100km.. That's be fantastic.

GenericBoonenFan said:
Everybody is forgetting that spectacle is that what cycling needs in order to keep surviving and attract new fans. For that reason only a TTT is a great asset of cycling.
In that case bring back Eindhoven or have a separate WT TTT. Allow as many wildcards as necessary. That way you get the big teams contesting the event, you get the spectacle, you don't make a mess of a stage race.
May 11, 2009
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There was a national TTT in the 1984 Olympics that was excellent. Plus it was ran out and back on a Southern California freeway. No hills and no sharp bends. Good in dry or wet or windy conditions.