Wout van Aert

Yes... hate to say that, but it's not something I can believe anymore. If he does not drop his level significantly after this Tour he must be the strongest rider I have ever seen (apart from some guys who are doped as ***)
He's not even just Top20 as a sprinter, more like Top3. And not Top20 climber, but more like Top10. Plus an amazing time trialler.
He is gonna win tomorrow, on Saturday in ITT and on Champs on Sunday and people will still grace the ground he walks on and completely believe how fantastic and talented he is. Lol, he's like Merckx in an apparently very clean era and in an incredible competition. Fking joke.
He has great talent and it's with great sadness that I come to post here because he's one of my fav rider of those last years..

But please, I can't bear this anymore. It's really too much to be true. Or indeed he's one genius of this era.
Guess it's time for his own thread.

Top 5 classics rider? Check
Top 5 time trialler? Check
Top 20 sprinter? Check
Top 20 climber at the Tour? Check


One can't really dope themselves into all that, can they? I mean you can't really take a top sprinter and dope them into a super-dom for the climbing stages, or take a climber and dope them into being a sprinter. At least I've not seen it.

The guy is talented as all get out, as his palmares in road and CX indicate. I'd be stunned if he were clean, but then I'd be stunned if anyone at the sharp end of GT's was clean, and most top classics riders as well. Now, the last 10 years, or the 20 before that. I think things have gone up several degrees this year, but other than that, same as it ever was...
I guess we can say Hulk Hogan in fake wrestling was extremely talented. Similar concept. The point is WVA is doing stuff he has never shown before, and unlike other support riders (e.g. Michał Kwiatkowski at Sky / Ineos) hasn't dropped away in the last kilometers of big climbs in the high mountains.
Okay, he hasn't dropped away at the finale of the big climbs . . . but he did drop Dumoulin once. :laughing: