Wout van Aert

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I think his team doctor has maybe tried a new dose of drug that is simply undetectable and is working well for he and MVP.

Since that won't avoid a possible biological passport abnormality any ideas what this new drug could be? Anything that boosts RBC or Hematocrit risks getting picked up. Whether the drug itself is detectable is irrelevant for oxygen vector doping. Even autologous transfusion can in theory be detected by abnormalities (e.g. age of RBCs).

To be clear, I am not saying WvA or MVdP aren't doping just asking for better logic and reason in this search for an explanation for the crazy speeds since the pandemic.
If the blood values are managed well, the passport offers substantial leeway. From memory, the passport will only flag an athlete if the combo of rbc count and reticulocytes is such that with 99,98% or so probabality it cannot occur naturally. Dr Michael Ashenden explained this well back in the days when the passport was introduced. It does not rule out oxygen vector doping.

Altitude camps also help because they need to be taken into account when interpreting the data.
Wout doing an Eros Poli is pretty jaw-dropping, sure, but after seeing Geraint freaking Thomas win back to back mountain stages en route to a maillot jaune, he's got a long way to go yet.
This is exactly the link I made. I like WvA, but I also recognize that this performance is suspicious for sure...he was in a trance, knew just how hard he could ride, and never looked close to blowing up...and he was shredding the climb...but yeah, no different from GT/Hincapie winning mountain stages...