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Wout van Aert

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I'm a known MVDP fan on this site, so I'll probably get called sour grapes on for this comment But Wout is kind've ridiculous at this point. Are we really supposed to believe he can climb mountains like this, with nary a stage off, and always pulling on every terrain? The unbelievability is reaching Lance levels. Of course he's not the only one who's benefited from the high level of "professionalism" at JV. As talented as Wout is (and he is massively talented), the progression in certain facets of his performance is suspicious at best.
Interestingly, about a year or two ago I found them both incredibly suspicious, but van der Poel moreso/worse (able to do pretty much everything). That's shifted now.
what does this rate on the Normal scale
Don't know, but a solid 8 out of 10 on the Riis scale.

Vingo was his ridiculous Tour 2022 self but this guy just took it to a whole other level. Attacking from the beginning and then dropping a decent Pogacar (his Hautacam ascent is fairly good, about 2014 Nibali levels) is just comedy turned into tragedy at this point.

And I really hope the MvdP comparasion ends here regarding the ridiculous performances on the high mountains, there's a world of difference between being in several breaks whilst in peak form and the Wout show from this year's Tour. Just pathetic.

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