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Your ideal Cadence?

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on the flat - 90ish (i hate the flat)

long climb - at least 100, sometimes higher

power climb - happy to stay out of saddle at 85-90ish for a km or so

sprint - i dont ever :(

i must be a 'mountain goat' ;):D
Jun 19, 2009
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St. Elia said:
Flat anywhere between 100-115
Hills: (as high as I can with my gearing) but usually around 80 or lower some times
Short hills: depends if I am sprinting for the top or just pacing 90 to 110
Sprints 100 to 130

I'm a bit of a spinner but try to save my legs for the steep bits in the climbs, I can stand and grind but not up long climbs but try to mix it up.


Read and learn, grinders. This is how you have some gas for accelerations when attacks start on hills. Slower cadence is fine for solo breakaways and TT's but still it's best to mix it up and use all the body parts.
A really smart but underpowered guy told me early re: fast crits "you can never enter a tight turn in too small a gear". Didn't get it for awhile but he was right.