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Sergio Henao ..Paris Nice winner before he was suspended that time by Ineos
Was never the same afterwards

At least Carlton Kirby can stop saying/singing "Hey now, Hey now, dont dream its over"
Was that the edition contador absolutely destroyed him on col de eze but due to long run in to finish and Kelderman UCI point hunters toasted one of the great attacks of our generation for the second year running
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Henao had three career defining moments. The almost career ending crash in Tour de Suisse when coming back from the first provisional suspension, the second provisional suspension right before Fléche and Liège in a moment when he was (for me) the best in the world in muritos and the crash at the olympics. Even if he won Paris Nice after that, I don't think he reached the same kind of level he showed before after the crash in Rio.
Any explanation as to why?
The only - English-language - article I've been able to find was the one on CN, and I got hit by the pay-wall. Though, in the part I was able to read, there was some stuff about having suffered on the bike. Was he injured?
No, he wasn't injured, but he was talking about suffering on the bike and off the bike from sometime. Yesterday he was also interviewed from Rai during the live broadcast of Tirreno Adriatico and said that since he started to go on a bike he has always had the will to train and race, but this will in the last months started to fade. He also explained that he isn' t anymore capable of getting good results and doesn't want to be an anonymous rider, and in the end he is happy that he had a good career and never got in serious crashes.